Smash Repair Management Software

Smash Repair Management Software

Touchflow Process Control Systems is an innovator in Smash Repair Management Software. Where our program differs from our competitors is that our focus is about your workshop process and making sure it is running as smoothly as possible. For a business like smash repairs and panel beating with so many separate steps, to run smoothly you need very good communication passed to the workshop departments and employees. How can you expect your workshop and staff to perform their best when your communication is not up to scratch. With Touchflow it only takes a few minutes per day for your management staff to set the priorities for all employee. After this your day/s will flow smoothly and you can rest assured that you staff are performing all the allocated tasks in the order you require them, and... it shouldn't get more complicated than this. Better yet you can monitor the progress in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection and easily make changes if required.

Complicated or simple complex!

Over the years Smash Repair Management Software seems to have become more and more complicated including so many different 'features' you'll need another staff member just to control it. What hasn't got more and more complicated is the process of repairing cars. Sure the technology in vehicles and that used to fix them has changed significantly but the basic concept of the panel beating repair process hasn't changed. A vehicle arrives at the workshop damaged, it goes through several repair process steps by skilled technicians until it arrives back in the hands of management and then to the customer like a new car. To continue to keep the repair process as straight forward as possible, Touchflow provides relevant information when, where and to whom needs it. Your vehicle detailer isn't expected to perform any painting tasks so why include that information on their job screens. Only relevant information is displayed to each area so they can concentrate on those tasks allocated to them today. Nothing more nothing less.

Staff Involvement?

To enhance communication even more we strongly encourage the involvement of all staff in the management of your workshop workflow. Who better to communicate when tasks are started or finished than those people actually performing the tasks. As your workshop staff go about the daily plan they access Touchflow and move vehicles between departments, just like they do with the actual vehicles. The result is that this continuous feedback into Touchflow is keeping the office management informed on the progress of their plans. It also keeps Touchflow current and representing the exact position of your workflow. Armed with this information it is very easy to see bottlenecks or stoppages and make production changes when required.

Quality Control for the greater good?

With all staff involved they will feel a real sense of being accountable and responsible for the tasks they perform. Touchflow includes an organic quality control systems that came about by staff taking more responsibility and accountability for the job they are doing. As jobs move departments the receiving department has the option to 'Reject' a job if it is not up to the workshop standards. The rejected job is then transferred to the department responsible for the issue for re-address. The process of rejecting jobs is not taken lightly because its purpose is to encourage spending a few minutes extra the first time to avoid delaying it and other jobs in the workflow. Efficient workshops are workshops with good communication that avoid backwards steps in the repair process. If you can perform all steps of the repair process without delay or backward movement you are on the right track for an efficient workshop.

Scheduling, Dynamic or Static?

Jobs can be scheduled in you workshop either dynamically or statically. Do you really know what every staff member is going to be doing in 3 days time? I thought not. And if you think you do, what happens when something doesn't quite go to plan? Why statically plan a workflow when the nature of the workflow is not static at all. We can try to make the workflow static or we can dynamic schedule the jobs/tasks as required. Dynamic scheduling is the process of scheduling jobs/tasks on the go as they are happening. Touchflow dynamically schedules your workflow through the use of priorities for each step of the repair process. The different departments of your workshop will have different priorities depending on what is most important in that area. These priorities are displayed on each departments terminal and dynamically adjust as jobs are finished. Your staff will always be working on the most important jobs relevant to the tasks and priorities in their area. All that management has to do is keep the priorities topped-up for each area and Touchflow takes care of the rest. If you need a job completed quickly you can simple make it happen by adjusting it's priority through your workshop.

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