Onwards and Upwards at Cranbourne Body Works!

Congratulations to Cranbourne Body Works. They are the first to sign up to Touchflow Process Control Systems Bodyshop Management Software. Kevin & Nicky are rolling out plans to streamline and grow their business and the future is looking bright. Touchflow is an integral and very important piece of the puzzle that provides excellent communication throughout the workshop allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of running their business.

Smash Repair Management Software

Touchflow Process Control Systems is an innovator in Smash Repair Management Software. Where our program differs from our competitors is that our focus is about your workshop process and making sure it is running as smoothly as possible. For a business like smash repairs and panel beating with so many separate steps, to run smoothly you need very good communication passed to the workshop departments and employees. How can you expect your workshop and staff to perform their best when your communication is not up to scratch.

The National Collision Repairer Magazine - Feature

David Newton-Ross and Max Chanter from The National Collison Repairer had a recent visit to Flagstaff Autobody in Melbourne. The visit included a tour of their facility and most importantly a comprehensive demonstration of Touchflow. The National Collision Repairer wrote a 3 page article  about Touchflow and the benefits of including it in any bodyshop. Scroll through and click on the images to view full pages and read through the article online.