Easily Configured for Small or Large Workshops.

Touchflow can easily be configured to suit the requirements of your workshop. The optimal configuration is with 5 independent terminals to access Touchflow. Office, Panel Shop, Paint Shop, Assembly Dept, Detailing Dept. Touchflow can be easily configured down to 2 terminals minimum. Office and Workshop. Due to the all inclusive nature of Touchflow, 2 terminals is the minimum requirement for smaller workshops. Configuring Touchflow for your workshop size is one part but you can also configure each access user. There is a base user set that closely match workshop areas, of Admin, Quoting, Panel, Paint, Assembly, Detail all configured for area only access except Admin who has full control. These users can be re-configured to included extra areas, additional function, promoted to Admin or a completely new user can be added. It is very easy to configure Touchflow to suit your requirements.